Sunth Powder, Dry Ginger Powder, Treats Sore Cough & Cold, Use In Cooking, 45 grams Each pack of 2

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Dr. Jain's Herbal Products is one of the well-recognized manufacturers of Herbal Health, Skin & Hair Care Ayurvedic Powders, Gels & Aromatic Essential Oils. As per the demands, a well-researched formulation based on pure herbal and superior quality Ayurvedic products. The Sunth Powder is made up of 100% Natural Ingredients helps to Enrich Skin Health, Treat Cold & Cough, Boost Weight Loss, Treat Acne, etc..


The Ayurvedic Powder By Dr. Jain's Contains 100% Natural Sunth Powder

Sunth Powder By Dr. Jain's Enriches Skin Health 

Treat Cold And Cough With Dr. Jain's Sunth Powder

Dr. Jain's Sunth Powder Boosts Weight Loss 

Treat Acne By Using Dr. Jain's Sunth Powder


Enriches Skin Tone

Treats Acne

Boosts Weight Loss

Treats Cold & Cough


Boil 2 tsp of Sunth Powder in 4 cups of water until it reduces to half. Strain, let it cool, add few drops of lavender / rosemary oil. Mix all, store in glass bottle, refrigerate and apply with cotton on face to Enrich Skin Tone

Mix milk and 1tbsp Sunth Powder , make a smooth paste, apply on clean face, leave for 15-20 mins, rinse off with normal water and apply facial moisturizer. Repeat 1-2 times a week to Treat Acne & Breakouts

Add half tsp Sunth Powder in hot water and drink every morning to Reduce Weight

1. Make a paste of Sunth Powder + clove + salt and consume twice a day to Cure Cold
2. Mix Sunth Powder with jaggery to Cure Running Nose
3. Add half tbsp Sunth Powder each time you drink tea to Get Relief From Cold & Cough


100% Natural Sunth Powder

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