Shankhpushpi Ayurvedic Powder 45g pack of 2

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Dr. Jain's Herbal Products is one of the well-recognized manufacturers of Herbal Health, Skin & Hair Care Ayurvedic Powders, Gels & Aromatic Essential Oils. As per the demands, a well-researched formulation based on pure herbal and superior quality Ayurvedic products. The Shankhpushpi Powder is made up of 100% Natural Ingredients helps to Brighten Skin, Promote Healthy Skin, Act As Natural Bleach, Condition & Strengthen Hair, etc..


The Ayurvedic Powder By Dr. Jain's Contains 100% Natural Shankhpushpi Powder

Dr. Jain's Shankhpushpi Powder Treats Acne 

Control Premature Greying With Dr. Jain's Shankhpushpi Powder

The Shankhpushpi Powder Helps To Fight Against Wrinkles


Treats Acne

Fights Against Wrinkles

Controls Premature Greying


Take 1 tsp Shankhpushpi Powder + honey, apply to face, leave for 30 mins, wash with cool plain water to Treat Acne

Make a thick paste of 1 tsp Shankhpushpi Powder with honey or milk, apply in face for 25 mins to Fight Against Wrinkles

Mix 2 tbsp of Shankhpushpi Powder to regular oil and massage evenly on scalp twice a week to Control Premature Greying


100% Natural Shankhpushpi Powder

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