Jaswand Ayurvedic Powder 45g pack of 5

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Dr. Jain's Herbal Products is one of the well-recognized manufacturers of Herbal Health, Skin & Hair Care Ayurvedic Powders, Gels & Aromatic Essential Oils. As per the demands, a well-researched formulation based on pure herbal and superior quality Ayurvedic products. The Jaswand Powder is made up of 100% Natural Ingredients which Treats Hairfall, Deeply Cleanses Skin, Enrich Scalp Nourishment, Glorify Skin, etc..




The Ayurvedic Powder By Dr. Jain's Contains 100% Pure Jaswand Flower Powder

Dr. Jain's Jaswand Powder Helps To Treat Hairfall

Jaswand Powder By Dr. Jain's Deeply Cleanses Skin

The Jaswand Powder Enriches Scalp Nourishment & Hair Color

Dr. Jain's Jaswand Powder Promotes Glowy & Healthy Skin


Treats Hairfall

Adds Volume To Hair

Enriches Nourishment And Hair Color

Promotes Glowy & Healthy Skin

Deeply Cleanses Skin

Strengthens Hair


Mix juice of 1-2 onions with Jaswand Powder. Blend them all and apply on scalp. Wash it off after 30 - 45 mins. 

Mix 3-4 tbsp of powder with some coconut oil. Apply the mask and leave for 1 hour. Later, wash off with a mild shampoo

Boil tea leaves in water and after it cools down, add jaswand powder + henna + coffee powder. Leave it overnight and apply next morning. Keep for couple of hours and rinse.

Mix the powder with multani mitti and rose water to create a thick paste. Apply all over and exfoliate. Wipe off with cold water and pat dry.

Mix granular sugar, honey & jaswand powder. Apply the scrub and massage it in gentle circular motions.

Mix jaswand powder in jojoba oil and deeply massage into the hair & scalp.


100% Pure Jaswand Flower Powder

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