Gudmar Ayurvedic Powder 45g pack of 3

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Dr. Jain's Herbal Products is one of the well-recognized manufacturers of Herbal Health, Skin & Hair Care Ayurvedic Powders, Gels & Aromatic Essential Oils. As per the demands, a well-researched formulation based on pure herbal and superior quality Ayurvedic products. The Gudmar Powder is made up of 100% Natural Ingredients which has the power to Heal Wounds, Reduce Itchiness, Improve Digestion, Control Sugar,etc..



The Ayurvedic Powder By Dr. Jain's Contains 100% Natural Gudmar Powder

Dr. Jain's Gudmar Powder Ha The Power To Heal Wounds

The Gudmar Powder Helps To Reduce Itchiness

Gudmar Powder By Dr. Jain's Improves Digestion

The Dr. Jain's Gudmar Powder Helps To Control High Sugar Level


Heals Wounds

Reduces Itchiness

Improves Digestion

Controls High Sugar Level


Take 1 tsp of Gudmar Powder, make a paste with coconut oil, apply once a day for 4-6 hours to Heal Wounds

Reduce Skin Itchiness by applying the paste of 1 tsp Gudmar Powder + coconut oil for 4-6 hours once a day

Take 1 tsp of Gudmar Powder and swallow it with water after lunch & dinner to Improve Digestion

Having half or 1 tsp of Gudmar Powder along with water once a day to Control High Sugar Levels


100% Natural Gudmar Powder

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