Dr. Jain's Herbal Products is one of the well-recognized manufacturers of Herbal Health, Skin & Hair Care Ayurvedic Powders, Gels & Aromatic Essential Oils. As per the demands, a well-researched formulation based on pure herbal and superior quality Ayurvedic products. Almond Oil is a 100% Natural Extract Of Almonds that penetrate well on the skin to protect and nourish. The oil is rich in vitamins hence can be used by all ages and skin types


Almond Oil Is A 100% Natural Extract Of Almonds


The Almond Oil Looks To Protects And Nourishes Skin

Dr. Jain's Almond Oil Penetrates Well On The Skin

The Blend Of Dr. Jain's Almond Oil Is Super-Rich In Vitamins

Almond Oil Is Suitable For All Skin Types And Is Ideal For All Age Groups




Skin Tightening and Tan Removal

Remedy for chapped lips,wrinkled,cracked,dry feet and hands

Clears Wrinkles and Stretch Marks

Sweet Almond Oil can be used for cooking

Build Healthy Nails


Pour a pea-sized of oil and massage in circular upward motion until it dissolves To Tighten Skin And Remove Tan.

Blot little oil on fingers and apply on lips and affected area until hydrated and healed to Treat Chapped Lips, Wrinkled & Crackled Dry Feet/Hands.

Apply and massage on areas with marks and leave it till the skin soaks To Clear Wrinkles And Stretch Marks.

Massage on cuticles to soften. Add to the manicure routine To Build Healthy Nails.




Anti - Ageing Properties

Increases length of Eyelashes

Makeup Remover

Oil Cleanse for face and neck


Add drops of rosehip seed,lavender oil,tea tree oil with almond oil and shake the bottle well.Massage gently for 3 minutes as it has Anti-Ageing Properties.

Apply a drop of oil on both the lashes and massage for a minute before sleeping and leave it to Increase Length Of Eyelashes.

Remove Make-Up by applying on cotton ball and gently wipe the stubborn cosmetic products.

*Cleanse Face & Neck by soaking a clean washcloth for 15 minutes in a hot steaming water.

*Wrap your face and neck for 2 minutes for pores to open but see that its not much hot.

*Take a nickel-sized amount of oil to massage face and neck for 2 minutes.

Mix Turmeric with Almond Oil and apply under the eyes To Treats Dark Circles and Puffiness around the eyes 

*Wipe of gently with a towel.

Mix Turmeric with Almond Oil and apply under the eyes To Treats Dark Circles and Puffiness around the eyes 




Treats Dark Circles and Puffiness around your eyes

Treating Hair Damage and mending split ends

Treating Dry Scalp and Dandruff


Add few drops in daily conditioner for quick boost and Treat Hair Damage and mending split ends

Apply on dry areas and massage until it soothes to Treat Dry Scalp and Dandruff


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